About Me


Hello there friend,

I am Cansu (Jansue – it’s Turkish). I live with my big brother in Istanbul, spend most of my down time with him and his fiance Ece,  (you’ll hear from them a lot). I also have a blog that pretty sums up my interest in science fiction: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

I am a Management major and am currently working in retail, in one of the top concept company in Turkey.

I love cooking, baking, sharing but above all I love eating! That’s the most important part of any kind of food, if you ask me.

However I’m trying out a new kind of eating style, Keto Diet. Now I know it is called a diet but one thing I’ve gathered in the 3 active months of Keto-ing and 2 months of kidding myself that Keto can’t be done for a short while, and back to whatever you eat. You need to incorporate Keto in your life even if you’re not actively dieting. Hence, eating style. But I must say it is the most effective diet I’ve done so far, as I lost my 28th pound last week (Dec 2nd).

This is where the magic happens. My kitchen is not that big but it’s cozy.

In here you can find a whole variety of food. If you want just the Keto friendly diets, go ahead and click Keto recipes here or at the right top corner. As I live in Turkey, most of my recipes are with ingredients I can find here or with substitutes.

I am fascinated with English language and feel more comfortable even thinking in English than I do in Turkish, that’s why my blog is in English but for the viewers from Turkey and my aunt who loves cooking but doesn’t know much English, I’m working on translating my recipes to Turkish.

So that’s about it from me. I hope you like what you see here, I really enjoy cooking and writing about it. And now that I’m just learning, I love photographing them too.

I love getting feedback, so leave a comment here or there to let me know what you think or even what you like to make with the ingredients I used.

With love,



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