Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake

Hi everyone!

This recipe has been on my mind for a while. I’ve tried it once but the consistency wasn’t right and it didn’t cook all the way. But this time I’ve been patient and I’ve managed to finish a good cake. I think there is still room for improvement but this was a good milestone for me. Continue reading


Red Velvet Bundt Cake


It’s been a really long time since my last post but I’m finally able to spear some time to write up some recipes for you. I’ve been trying up some new recipes for my come back and I think this is by far the prettiest.

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Easy Raspberry Sorbet

Well the scorching hot weather is here finally and I find great pleasure in telling you that I am in fact, on holiday.

The hot weather usually means, finding any way to make your self cooler. And while at it why not prepare something icy cool and also pretty healthy? Here is a very quick very easy and much healthier recipe than store-bought ice-cream. Make room for sorbet in your lives. Continue reading

Almond Flour Coconut Muffins Vol. 2

Lately I’ve been experimenting with almond flour. I’ve been revisiting my old recipes as well as trying to make up new ones. This is a  little bit of both. I’ve really like my old almond flour coconut muffins before and tried to change it a little bit. But I found out in previous years I was able to find finer grind-ed almond four. This new spice store I go to now, doesn’t grind them very fine and they stay a little bit chunky therefore making my desserts trying to eat.

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