Baked Zucchini Dolmas

Yesterday we had Turkish style stuffed zucchini at work or dolma, but as the original recipe is done with rice inside the stuffing, I couldn’t eat any because of my Keto diet. All the way back from work, I formulated this recipe in my head. Cooking and preparing every part. This spontaneous recipe combines a few of my cravings as of late. It doesn’t make sense in paper but the outcome was very delicious and satisfying. And I must say, I am very proud of this %100 original recipe of mine. Continue reading


Hamsi Rice

Hamsi – European Anchovy – is the signature item of the BlackSea region in Turkey, Northern coastal part. It is a little messy and troublesome type of fish but it tastes very good. Normally when you buy cooked Hamsi, you don’t take the bone out. But for this recipe I needed to clean out all the little fish myself and take the bones out. One is very easy but doing this for 30-40 fish, tends to get a little tiring. Continue reading

Best Chicken Lunch Ever

Eating lunch has never been a strong habit in my family household. We’ve always been brunch or long breakfast eaters. So when I was still living with my parents, whenever I was hungry in the afternoon my mom would prepare me pan sautéed chicken with green bell peppers. We always had a quick salad with each meal and yogurt has been a companion for almost all of our mealtimes. Seriously, I even remember my dad leaving the dinner table, to go to the store to buy yogurt and coming back to eating. That’s how committed we are about our yogurt. Continue reading

Shrimp Dinner: Appetizer and a Curry

Every Friday, there is a local food market near where I live, so I like doing my weekly shopping done there, but what I like most is if you get to the market in the last minutes they do discounts on everything. even if I’m too late to shop in general, I always go to my favorite fish monger there to get the best deal.  Consequently we have fish many Fridays. This time I hit the jackpot with freshly caught shrimp! I got 2 pounds of shrimp for about $5. Continue reading