Farmers’ Markets – Saturday’s Alacati Bazaar

One of the best parts about my summer is the farmers’ market, set up every Saturday, in Alacati, Izmir, Turkey. It goes for miles and diverges in to several side roads. It has everything from any kind of produce to clothing, kitchen ware, plastics, accessories, shoes, plants, dairy, spices and even little live ducks and chicks. Minimum we spend there is 4 hours, go figure how big it really is!

I wait all year for it and spend without abandon, along with my family. It is good to know the locations and the days of the farmers’ markets around you, so that you can prepare and serve the best quality food for your loved ones.

You’ll see the difference in some of the items clearly; the smell and the color of tomatoes and the yellowness of the egg yolks. These two are the easiest way to see why you should stay away from grocery shops as much as you possible can. And always, choose produce by their smell, if a tomato doesn’t smell like you can eat it raw like an apple, don’t even bother putting it in your food. Most delicious foods are made from the most delicious produce, don’t forget. Enjoy.

alacati bazaar 2alacati bazaar 4alacati bazaar 5alacati bazaar 3


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