Easy and Quick Ratatouille

Hello all,

I’m back with an old dish of mine, this very superb, very easy recipe of Ratatouille. Continue reading


Homemade Vanilla Extract [1st Anniversary!]

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated but it’s been so hard to find some time to my self since I started working. But with it being the anniversary of my blog, I wanted to share one of the recipes I’ve been saving since Christmas time. Continue reading

Peppermint Swirl Cupcakes

Merry Christmas everyone! Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas, it always been my favorite time of the year, I love watching Christmas movies, or more likely watching old Doctor Who Christmas specials, and of course, the treats! Though I did watch Harry Potter and ate Chinese but I still wanted to share my Christmas themed cupcakes with you today. Continue reading

Hamsi Rice

Hamsi – European Anchovy – is the signature item of the BlackSea region in Turkey, Northern coastal part. It is a little messy and troublesome type of fish but it tastes very good. Normally when you buy cooked Hamsi, you don’t take the bone out. But for this recipe I needed to clean out all the little fish myself and take the bones out. One is very easy but doing this for 30-40 fish, tends to get a little tiring. Continue reading

Best Chicken Lunch Ever

Eating lunch has never been a strong habit in my family household. We’ve always been brunch or long breakfast eaters. So when I was still living with my parents, whenever I was hungry in the afternoon my mom would prepare me pan sautéed chicken with green bell peppers. We always had a quick salad with each meal and yogurt has been a companion for almost all of our mealtimes. Seriously, I even remember my dad leaving the dinner table, to go to the store to buy yogurt and coming back to eating. That’s how committed we are about our yogurt. Continue reading