Hello Summer, Hello Tomatoes!

As much as I love snow and the winter, I love summer for so many varied reasons. Most interesting reason is tomatoes. I love LOVE summer tomatoes. I try to stay clear of tomatoes during the winter, but in summer I go a little overboard.


In summer we get really juicy, really huge tomatoes here in Turkey. One type that is grown in Gallipoli is the most famous one, they are pretty big and they are the most alluring red color. But last couple of years we had a new breed that is called “pink tomatoes” or “beefy tomatoes”.  These are huge, I mean huge! I can barely hold one in my hand and I have bought some that are over 1 kilo each! One is enough to feed a whole family when added in a salad but as I said, I go a little overboard with my joy of the beginning of the natural tomato season and eat a whole one just by myself! They are firm but the inside is all juicy and plum. They get the name beefy tomatoes because they are just that beefy, they fill your whole mouth with an explosion of flavor!

tomatoes 1

They don’t need any work, just a little lemon juice and some olive oil, with a pinch of salt sprinkled over. Voila! The reason for my joy for the last couple of weeks!

tomatoes 2

When you find good tomatoes, wherever you are, don’t miss them.  Don’t waste them by cooking them either, just take the time to savour them.

Thanks for not giving up on me, I will be present more from now on. And with something other than tomatoes. Hopefully. Enjoy.

tomatoes 3

keto day 3
I proudly announce I have started the second round of Keto after 2 years. I am at day three and this was my dinner. I probably overdid the tomatoes but I’m not gonna be too bothered by it as they were awesome!

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