Homemade Vanilla Extract [1st Anniversary!]

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated but it’s been so hard to find some time to my self since I started working. But with it being the anniversary of my blog, I wanted to share one of the recipes I’ve been saving since Christmas time.

This was a recipe/idea that I put to use back in January but never got the time to write up and share. So, sorry for the New Year’s-y theme in the pictures but I fully recommend you try this at home it is so easy and if you’re interested in baking it will save a lot of money for you. Of course, I did not invent this or anything but I’ve researched enough to be able to pick up some tips for you.


We all use vanilla to some degree in our baked goods. The best it the real vanilla extract but it is hard to find and very expensive. So don’t go off using vanilla syrup or powdered versions. Here is a way to show you how you can make vanilla extract at home!

You only need the following

  • A seal-able bottle
  • 2-3 vanilla beans (depending on the size of the bottle you can add or remove beans) ( If you want a stronger extract you can use more)
  • Vodka or bourbon enough to fill the bottle


That’s it!

Now of course there are some points that you need to watch out for.


If you use very good qualityย bourbon or vodka your vanilla fill be richer and better but since we are trying to save some money here there is no harm in using regular vodka. just don’t go using something you wouldn’t even drink by itself, this is something to make your baked goods taste better.

I used a reasonably good priced Russian vodka in my recipe.

Besides the vodka, you vanilla beans need to be relatively fresh, don’t use too dried up beans. The more fresh ones will be better.

As to how to turn the alcohol into vanilla extract… well that takes time.

Put the vanilla beans on the cutting board and cut them horizontally, don’t cut them all the way through on the to be able to spread them in one layer.

Placeย your knife at the top of the vanilla bean vertically and scrape the paste from the bean. Put that paste and the bean in the bottle. It is enough to only scrape the paste of one of the beans if you’re using more than one. Just slice the other ones through horizontally and it will be enough.


Fill the bottle with your choice of alcohol and seal the bottle. 6 weeks is the minimum time it takes to turn the liquid into vanilla extract.



The color will turn darker in time.

I found that even if you want a lot, using small bottles for each batch will give you a better result. This isn’t like making pickles, delicacy is the key component.


This is also a very great gift idea if you have people who love baking around you.

Don’t go off paying extreme prices for a very small amount of vanilla extract, just make your own at home and save a lot!

Hope you enjoy this and have enjoyed my blog for the past year. I hope to share many anniversaries with you all! Enjoy!


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