Breakfast Kit to Last All Week

It is safe to say I still didn’t get used to having a job and a life at the same time. Well I do have a life on the weekends but when you stare at a computer screen 5 days, 48 hours a week you do tend to try to stay away from any computers on the weekends.

But I finally bit the bitterness and sat in front of my computer, with a way to…. prepare to-go breakfast kit for work!


Yeah it may be the weekend but I just can’t turn off my brain to make my life on weekdays easier.

This is a very quick way to have your breakfast to-go and easy to prepare at work, and you only need to do this once, for a whole week’s breakfast. And I promise it only takes 20 minutes of your Sunday evening.

This is also a very Keto friendly breakfast so keep your ears open.

There isn’t really a recipe in this post just an idea for you.

You need:

  • A type of cheese,
  • Type of cold cuts/salami
  • Olives
  • Cherry or almond tomatoes
  • Small Ziplock bags

So all you need to do is shop for whatever type you like the best. At every step make sure to bag small portions to last a day’s worth of breakfast.

I chose Turkish cheddar, kashar cheese. It is my favorite type of cheese that can be eaten without any help from bread.


As for salami I did just that, plain normal breakfast salami, no surprises there.


For the olives I chose Turkish black olives and standard red pepper stuffed green olives.


I usually like some sort of salad with breakfast so I chose cherry tomatoes. You can just cut them in quarters or, if you’re feeling especially lazy, you can buy almond tomatoes so there wont be any cutting up needed.


As an optional choice, you can add almonds to this mix.

It won’t be so Keto friendly but dried apricots is a good nutritional choice for breakfast.

While packing these you must pay attention to apply the vacuum effect to the bags. Squeeze the bags with a little bit unlocked part, when you are sure all the air is out, lock the bag. This will help you keep your food fresh until opening them again to eat.

I make enough kits to share with my friends at work, you can choose the sizes of these bag however you like.

When you have these small bags prepared, just put them in a small normal bag (or a big Ziplock bag if you have them)



Sometimes the numbers of the small bags may not be the same with each other, so there is variation. Sometimes you have all the items, sometimes you have more olives and no tomatoes. It all adds a little surprise to the mix.

When you have all the kits ready in bigger bags, you can put them all ready in a Tupperware box to keep them as fresh as possible.


It is so simple really. You just need to spare a little of your Sunday to save a lot of time during the week. And as someone who dreads eating ready-made pastries every morning, this is a healthy and fun way to enjoy breakfast. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

And when you share the kits with your friends, it is a great way to enjoy mornings with your co-workers and that makes Monday mornings slightly better. Enjoy…


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