Homemade Peanutbutter at the Cost of a Blender

The first rule of home economics should be never try to save money on something by doing something that costs more. Yeah definitely.

I decided to make my own peanut butter, I didn’t want the artificial flavors in the store bought ones and we got some really good peanuts while we were on holiday. In this littlest of towns (BayΔ±r), we had lunch under this Plane Tree that is more than 1880 years old and the head of the village himself was selling the peanuts he roasted that morning and I couldn’t say no. If I had known what it was going to cost me I would have tried to say no – tried being the operative word.

Anyway, I had seen this recipe somewhere before and It it so simple you just blend roasted peanuts with salt.

Here I used around 2 – 2+1/2 cups of salty roasted peanuts and didn’t add anything else.


There are a few stages though. The first time you blend the peanuts, it turns into a finely chopped version of the nut, like it happens with any other type of nut.

If you keep processing very little in this stage you can get peanut butter flour, but they start extracting their oil really fast, be careful. It’s kinda blurry but it was getting late and my processor is loud. I was hurrying up with it.

The more you process, the more the nuts start to stick to each other. Turning them into some sort of paste.

The change of the consistency is really interesting actually. It’s all a matter of when you stop processing. If you keep going eventually you reach the butter form.

If you keep going you will easily observe the bottom layer of the peanuts start to extract the oils out and turn them into a butter form.

Sorry for the different lighting in pictures, I had to stop at night and return in the morning because of the loud sound of the processor. But yeah this is after a few seconds of processing time right after the last picture. That is all you need to have 1 cup of peanut butter and 1 less of a processor.

This is where the fat lady sings. Since the mixture becomes so heavy in density it starts to overwork your blender/processor. Even if you had made multiple stops until this moment, after the first signs of butter form you need to thread very lightly and give the blender plenty of time to cool off.

I am, of course, telling this from experience and not prior knowledge that you need to go very slow in 1 or 2 seconds of processing time to have a functioning blender still. Yeah, lesson learned.

Anyway, when the peanuts all turn into butter form, it is up to you to determine the consistency. If you keep going, you will get a very smooth texture (which is what I actually prefer but the blender died out on me before I could get to that point), if you stop in between you will get smooth with chunky bits.

Make sure to store the peanut butter with a closed lid and don’t let the oily look scare you off, it just looks like that when you don’t touch it in a few seconds.

I had used salty roasted peanuts along with the skins, if you prefer you can use un-salted peanuts and even take the skins off, doesn’t really matter, but if you use un-salted peanuts and add salt separately you can adjust the saltiness to you liking.

There you go, Β hope you will try this and be more cautious than me. As a last remark, I would like to thank the manufacturer of the blender I had for putting the metal end to the processor end and plastic part to the actual electric part, now I can’t use my processor, hand blender or my mixer. I’m stopping Β my ranting now.

p.s. I’m working on my photo skills to give you better images. I’m just at the beginning stage still but let me know how you are liking them. Be gentle with me, though.Β Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Peanutbutter at the Cost of a Blender

  1. It’s not a bother at all but I would suggest to peel at least half of them so that the skins don’t overpower the peanuts, I will do it like that next time :) And don’t forget to add a little salt if your peanuts are nor pre-salted :)

  2. I didn’t know that it’s that simple to make peanut butter at home. I guess, all I need is a high quality food processor and some time during day :) So isn’t it disturbing to have the skins of peanuts in its butter form or are they lost as processed?

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