Zucchini Ribbons

I realized I’ve been consuming a vast amount of zucchini, or courgette if you will, lately and decided to try new ways to eat it in a more fun way. When I can have cauliflower rice in my diet, why don’t I have a substitute for pasta? Here it is, zucchini pasta.

I found that 1 average zucchini is enough for one person.

Peel the skin of the zucchini to clean and then, just go on peeling. Change sides when you get to thicker end and peel until you can’t anymore.

Through different versions I decided this is the best and quickest way to prepare it. When you finish peeling, put the shavings in a bowl of boiling water with salt and turn off the heat. Wait about 30 seconds, stir it once or twice and take off the water. Make sure you strain all the water. That’s it. It makes beautiful al dante pappardelle style zucchini pasta. It goes well with everything but if you top it with a saucy dish, it make the perfect combination. If you’re going to eat it by it self, I would recommend more seasoning and spices. Enjoy.

Just peel the zucchini nice and thin.
Be careful not to leave the zucchini in the water too much, you don’t want a mushy texture. And to give a little bit of flavor, don’t forget to salt the water. No oil needed.
Here you are, a beautiful plate of no carb pasta!


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