Super Cool & Simple Brunch Spread

This week I had my friends over for Sunday Brunch. I loved having them over and preparing the food for them. But this time other than grilling the Halloumi cheese (ps if you haven’t try it before please do, it is a special type of cheese made in Cyprus and very popular in Turkey. It is awesome grilled)

It is very easy to put together a very sophisticated spread if you just pay attention to details. Here is the final look. Enjoy.


This assortment is called a ‘Charcuterie Plate’. It usually has different kinds of cheese and cooked meat products.
Various types of bread, from whole wheat to rye and plain white flour bread.


These were so fun to prepare. They have 3 kinds of green tea in them for my guests.
Since it was my friend’s first time at my house, I prepared a little gift for them. These jars have 3 of my favorite green teas: Pearl Dragon Jasmine, Milk Oolong and Sencha. It was so fun to make these.

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