Starbucks & Keto

Starbucks Americano

One of the worst things about being on Keto diet on summer is the refreshing drinks.

I love the Raspberry and Blackcurrant Frappuccino and Iced White Chocolate Mocha. But on Keto, that is more than the sugar I need all week. I love Starbucks and their products, so it is a little restraining for me to choose a suitable drink in this heat wave.

Since I don’t really like black coffee and milk is also too sugary for Keto, my choices were limited, so I improvised.

Here is Iced Americano with Whipped Cream. At first it was a very unpleasant taste but now I’m used to it and the fat from the whipped cream is good for the diet. The baristas give me a weird look when I order it for the first time and the  regular ones are having a fun at my expense but I don’t really care, I found my Keto match. Plus iced coffee actually suppresses my need for sugary drinks. Enjoy.


One thought on “Starbucks & Keto

  1. FYI: Starbucks used sweetened whipped cream, so that drink still isn’t keto-friendly. You’re better off having them add (un-whipped) cream & extra sugar-free flavoring.

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