It’s Not Always Rainbows and Unicorns in Bake-land

A few days ago, I decided I needed some Keto dessert in my life and looked for suitable recipes. I found a cheesecake recipe that does not have any flour or sugar, so decided to try it out. Well, since you haven’t seen any pictures of it I can safely say that it was a complete failure. It cooked almost to the point of being burnt on top and not  cooked all the way inside. I couldn’t even finish the one slice I cut for myself and my brother didn’t try to hide the fact that it was horrible. That’s when the severe-ness of the situation hit me because when he normally doesn’t like something, first he tries to ask if there was a different way to prepare it and then suggest to do like that the next time. This time he went straight for the suggestion and asking what could have made it taste that way. It was the cream cheese it turns out. The end result was almost like a salty dish that we figured it must have been the cheese I used and not using enough egg to balance out the savory texture of the cheese.

Everything looked good until it was in the oven baking. I knew just at the 30 minute mark of 90 minute cooking time that there was something wrong with it. Here it is all beautiful looking before the disaster hit. I think I’m going to stick with no bake  cheesecakes from now on. At least that way I will know if there is something wrong with it right away, and won’t have wait an hour and a half to find out.

_MG_5962  _MG_5965

So this is basically a post to tell you that it’s not always great dishes that come out of my kitchen but failed attempts too.

One advice to take away from this experience was when you’re trying out a new recipe, stick to it. Don’t modify something as tricky as cheesecake in your first try.

It really breaks my heart not to end an entry with wishing you to Enjoy, better luck next time…


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