Lemon Chicken II

I have this habit: If I make something for the first time and it turns out better than I imagined, I cook it again and try to make it better. So I made Lemon Chicken again. One bad thing is, since I can’t eat carbs with my new diet and since it’s summer there aren’t many easy side dish vegetables (I’m thinking broccoli) my side dishes weren’t as appetizing as the chicken it self. The aubergines didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. They were a bit soggy.

You can find my recipe for Lemon Chicken here.

A few remarks:

  • This time I didn’t have chicken stock or stock cubes so I just used 1 cup of lemon juice to finish the cooking in the pan. It turned out good, too.
  • Make sure you beat the chicken breasts really thin. The softness is more visible that way.
  • After cutting up the aubergines, coat them with lemon juice. That way they will not lose their color and the acidity will help with the whole dish.
Lemon chicken 2
Lemon chicken 4

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