Stuffed Mushrooms (Part II)

Chicken grill night 4
I made a few choices of dishes with the grill that first night. You can find them here: Part IPart II
  • Mushrooms
  • Red bell peppers
  • Cheese (you can use any melt-able cheese you like. I used Turkish cheddar kaşar)
  • Salt & pepper
Cut off the stems of the white mushrooms, grill the head. When they are almost done take them off the grill and placed them on a oven suitable pan. Cut the stems into little pieces as well as red bell peppers and grill them lightly together. Again take them off the grill when almost done. place some of the stem mixture on the open faces of the mushrooms. Add the extra mixture around the pan. Top off with a cheese of your choosing. And put in the preheated oven.
Chicken grill night 3
Chicken grill night 5
Chicken grill night 6

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